Revis Johnson is hot right now, combining classic blues with current issues affecting all Americans. His roughshorn vocals and background singers compliment each other and add to the records polished feel. I recommend adding Revis Johnson to your playlist.” - Bruce Ganson
 Revis Johnson - “She’s my Girl” - Rag Time Blues, down home good feeling - the Slide Guitar and Piano Really Grove.  You find yourself singing along with the chorus... “Bumpin Uglies” - Blues with feeling - Good Driven music - like all of Revis’s tunes you find yourself lost in the rockin blues Revis brings a Happy Vibe - Good TIme Feeling.Cheers” - Richard Kontra
Revis Johnson is an amazing and accomplished musician with a fast array of music Collaborations that would blow your mind! His songs are original and the talents behind each arrangement is truly A masterpiece! ” - Judy Dawson Lopez
Listening to Revis Johnson is like a breath of fresh air. Songs that fit into my classic blues playlist. The more I hear these songs, the more his lyrics and melodies play in my head throughout the day. Revis Johnson is awesome! West coast lady LynnSent from my iPhone” - Lady Fish
Very interesting vibe Revis sets up.. Can't wait to see what he comes out with next. Rock on !  Your friend, and biggest critic                                     Outa Thimes” - Outa Thimes