Honey I Got You Something for Christmas

Revis Johnson

A original but traditional blues holiday Christmas song featuring unique vocals, and harmonica.

Honey I got you something for Christmas is a Original but traditional blues song. Featuring unique harmonica solos by Tom Ball, guitar by the legendary Kenny Sultan, and piano by Ken Stange, background vocals Christine Carruthers, bass and drums Jeff Carruthers. I wrote this song based on the style of these legendary artists all of them well known to the world in the music industry. I am honored and lucky to have them all agree and Complete this vision of my imagination. Enjoy the love this song gives To the holidays I hope it brings you joy. Thank you Revis Johnson

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She's My Girl and I Love Her

Revis Johnson

This song is written about when love is a commitment but yet you have total freedom. Love with no chains. Track to bumpn’ uglies is a pre-released B side free on this CD

This song features Legendary Kenny Sultan on guitar. Martin guitars made a Kenny Sultan model if you’re lucky enough to have one. Also features Ken Stange On piano and organ, Jeff Carruthers on upright bass, and brushes on cat skin snare, and his wife Christine Carruthers blending beautifully on background vocals, and me on slide guitar and lead vocals. I want to thank each and every one of these fantastic players for making my music and imagination come to life. A special thanks to Jeff Carruthers for being a editing genius and making everything come together.

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Bumpin' Uglies

Revis Johnson

Rocking pop Country dance song with a Blues edge to make you wanna bump and grind all night!

Revis Johnson was born in Hollywood, California in the mid fifties and grew up listening to the birth of blues rock which became stuck in his soul. He started playing music when he was eight years old learning piano from his grandfather who was a famous trumpet player and band leader back in the radio days in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He quickly switched to guitar after hearing his parents recordings of BB King, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, & Robert Johnson just to name a few. Revis formed his first blues band as a young teenager and started playing backyard parties and soon moved into the blues nightclub circuit on the west coast. Always surrounding himself with the best musicians on stage, Revis became a popular blues vocalist, guitarist and entertainer and often would attract stars like Gregg Allman, Bonnie Bramlett & George Thorogood asking him if they could sit in with his band.

Bumpin' Uglies is the first follow up single from Revis Johnson's self titled album released on CD Baby in 2015. This time he's stretching out into more of a Country Rock style to get you out on the dance floor and shake your bootie till things get very ugly! C'mon and have some fun with Revis and don't be afraid to bump your uglies!

I hope you have as much fun listening to this record as I did making it. Pray for Peace and Goodness, Revis Johnson

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Revis Johnson

Revis Johnson

Rocking gritty blues with an attitude from a hard working blue collar man

Revis Johnson the original California redneck blues man breaks out with his self-titled debut cd after thirty years of playing the raunchiest beer stained dive blues clubs on the west coast. Revis takes you on a tour of the blues like you've never heard before from protecting gun rights to catching the bed on fire. This album of rocking and traditional blues features some of the best blues musicians that tour worldwide playing harmonica, sax, trumpet, bone, dobro, slide guitar, bass & drums topped off with gritty beer breath vocals sung by Revis that will leave you humming the unforgettable tunes inspired from his down and out life of living the bearded blues.

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