Bumpin' Uglies

Revis Johnson

Rocking pop Country dance song with a Blues edge to make you wanna bump and grind all night!

Revis Johnson was born in Hollywood, California in the mid fifties and grew up listening to the birth of blues rock which became stuck in his soul. He started playing music when he was eight years old learning piano from his grandfather who was a famous trumpet player and band leader back in the radio days in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He quickly switched to guitar after hearing his parents recordings of BB King, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, & Robert Johnson just to name a few. Revis formed his first blues band as a young teenager and started playing backyard parties and soon moved into the blues nightclub circuit on the west coast. Always surrounding himself with the best musicians on stage, Revis became a popular blues vocalist, guitarist and entertainer and often would attract stars like Gregg Allman, Bonnie Bramlett & George Thorogood asking him if they could sit in with his band.

Bumpin' Uglies is the first follow up single from Revis Johnson's self titled album released on CD Baby in 2015. This time he's stretching out into more of a Country Rock style to get you out on the dance floor and shake your bootie till things get very ugly! C'mon and have some fun with Revis and don't be afraid to bump your uglies!

I hope you have as much fun listening to this record as I did making it. Pray for Peace and Goodness, Revis Johnson

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